Beautiful Barrenjoey

The beautiful Barrenjoey Lighthouse that we saw on Monday! It’s a great 1km cardio climb up a mountain (the attractive stone walkway was built by 5 strapping convicts in the 1800s) to be rewarded with amazing Hawksbury sandstone glowing in the afternoon sunshine! So great! First lit in 1881 and was manned by a father and son team- and our father and son (and mother and daughter!) team manned this exposition awesomely! In fact they breezed it!

Also at the site is an old customs house because this little nook was quite handy for those cheeky smugglers brining in tasty rum and other prohibited items.

There’s a divine cafe at the bottom near the beach called The Boat Shed – definitely worth the trip! And if like us, your coming from the central coast, catch the ferry for an awesome family fun day out. Winter sunshine rocks!

The bestest thing- the incredible view and the glimmering sandstone!

The worstest- there was a weird smell along a part of the track? Perhaps leftover Stench from the swashbucklers past!




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