Facebook, insta and all that jazz

Just an update that we are on Facebook as “Earthly Images” and also use Instagram as shannonndean – we love writing our adventures down and have loads of stories up our sleeves but being tent dwelling trampers leaves wifi and power frequently out of the equation!

Here’s a quick snap of our journey this year so far! We now are off to Melbourne and TASSIE! Hooray hoorah!



Beautiful Barrenjoey

The beautiful Barrenjoey Lighthouse that we saw on Monday! It’s a great 1km cardio climb up a mountain (the attractive stone walkway was built by 5 strapping convicts in the 1800s) to be rewarded with amazing Hawksbury sandstone glowing in the afternoon sunshine! So great! First lit in 1881 and was manned by a father and son team- and our father and son (and mother and daughter!) team manned this exposition awesomely! In fact they breezed it!

Also at the site is an old customs house because this little nook was quite handy for those cheeky smugglers brining in tasty rum and other prohibited items.

There’s a divine cafe at the bottom near the beach called The Boat Shed – definitely worth the trip! And if like us, your coming from the central coast, catch the ferry for an awesome family fun day out. Winter sunshine rocks!

The bestest thing- the incredible view and the glimmering sandstone!

The worstest- there was a weird smell along a part of the track? Perhaps leftover Stench from the swashbucklers past!



Redhead Beach, New South Wales

This beach is an easy 10 min drive from our current home… The kiosk is more like a cafe with decent food and service and when the sun sets on the ore enriched cliff, the beach lights up like the naive cheek of a Disney princess in the glow of her surprisingly unencubering magical long hair. The hair ends up being the near-death of poor princess unfortunately, but Redhead Beach is simply beautiful at this time of day… and all the rest of the day too.

Its the one beach around here that I never tire of taking photos at… there is the cliff, some small caves, a vintage shark lookout tower, amazing dunes and also an array of wildlife (including ducks, gulls, swans, crabs and just actual wild humans) and avid surfers that are great to watch. On a perfect day its perfect, and in a storm it is spectacular!





Redhead Rocks

Redhead Rocks

Mummy and Daughter beach running

Mummy and Daughter beach running – taken by Mr.3


Also if you feel like a bit of an explore, to tire the kids out nice and good before nap time, you should do the Ken & Audrey Owens walk. This is pram and wheelchair doable and there are a few little trails you can take, this is where you will see the swans, ducks and the lagoon in the dune.. which I especially love because it rhymes. The loop takes an hour (ish) more if you stop to take photos every five steps and even more if your 3 year old has an emergency toilet situation. Do this one in the day time, early morning preferably to get the benefit of the wildlife being active and also not feeling too creepy in the forest type parts… There is always something to see and everyone will love it!

This website will give you all the info you need about the walk, inc a map. DONT FORGET mozzie repellant! http://www.visitlakemac.com.au/ken-audrey-owens-walk

Redhead Lagoon + Swans Sand Dunes at the end of Ken and Audrey Walk